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Iranian Make-up Artists

Iranian Persian Sexy Cute Hot Beautiful Make-up Artists Gals Girls

Persians are known for more than their rich history and affluent culture of the Indo-Iranian persuasion, they are known for their rarities in modern and contemporary art. Persians are also known for, of course, their make-up. What makes the Persian inspired make-up look different than the Iranian inspired make-up, Middle Eastern make-up, or Arabic make-up look is the fact it is influenced heavily by Eurasia and inspired by Aryans. The Persian inspired make-up look is based more on a subtle shimmer, but possesses an artistic, yet visible exotic glow that separates it's universalism from other make-up inspired looks.
As someone who is Iranian, being of Persian descent really makes me appreciate my culture on quite a few wavelengths. The shades involved in the Persian inspired make-up look tend to be inspired by elements more so than actual colors. These elements range from gold to silver to bronze, and more. It's sublimely rare if any actual colors are involved, however; in order to balance such colors such as gold and silver together, you must apply a dark shade such as black or brown. This allows the make-up look to kind of elevate itself and create it's own unique standard approaching to application, rather than making it too versatile.

Let's get started! You want to first apply a foundation primer all over the face. A great foundation primer is definitely Laura Geller's Spackle Foundation Primer. Primer is a rather effective product, so you don't have to apply this fluid make-up product generously. In fact, just a little bit goes a long way. Most make-up professionals only recommend that you apply one dab or pump of the product.

Once you have applied the primer, now you can start to apply your foundation and concealer. It is extremely important that if you do wear concealer, to choose a shade that is lighter than your foundation. If your skin or foundation is a beige shade, do not choose a beige concealer. Choose something natural or light, as this will allow your make-up to look natural and when it is matted with a powder. This prevents blotchy or uneven areas of the skin, while promoting a natural highlight.

After you have applied your foundation, you want to apply the powder. The powder should be translucent, however; anything that matches your foundation would work. Once you have applied the powder, you want to apply a peachy pink based blush that works as a luminizer. NARS has blush product called Orgasm (or Multiple Orgasm) that would be perfect. You want to apply this to the cheeks.

The biggest, most significant part of creating the Persian inspired make-up look is the creating an exotic look that makes a statement. You want your eyes to be dramatic, yet genuinely simple. You can enhance this look using any kind of color, however; the Persian inspired make-up look is extremely influenced by simplicity, so the colors are actually based on shades more so than actual colors.

You want to begin the eyes by applying a simple base. This can be anything from primer to an actual base. I recommend a primer. A great eye primer is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Once applied, you want to begin lining the eyes with a black liner. If you want to get the dramatic smokey eye, without the smudge or mess, it is best to use a liquid eyeliner or a gel based liner, rather than a retractable eyeliner or pencil. However; when connecting from the t-drop and into the waterline, a retractable eyeliner or pencil is highly beneficial.

As you continue, you want to line the top of your eye. The line should be straight and should extend outward past the corner. Once you have accomplished this, line the bottom, but only go half way. Do NOT touch the waterline or go the whole way. Extend the ends and connect them together, in a form of a cat eye. You want to then, take a grey/black based retractable liner or pencil and extend the bottom liner out towards the t-drop. Smashbox's has an eyeliner pencil in "dark grey" which would work amazingly. This will create a nice dramatic, yet subtle shape. Once you have done this, you want to use the same liner on the waterline.

After you have finished lining the eyes, you want to focus on the shadow part of the look. My advice is, before applying any kind of shadow or pigment, you want to apply a modest amount of powder under the eyes. This will prevent any fallout from the shadow or pigment from ruining your foundation. The Persian inspired make-up look is heavily influenced by dramatic shades collaborating with subtle shades that are flexible and versatile. Although, one may add color, the Persian inspired look possesses an array of shades.

When it comes to contemplating the darkest shade, it is important to use something more matte, within this type of inspired look, rather than shimmer or glitter. I am going to apply is a dark gray matte eyeshadow. MAC makes a great gray eyeshadow titled "Knight Divine". You can apply this towards the bottom of the lid, but above the liner. In fact, it should blend into the liner easily, but allow the liner to be visible. Once you have applied the the eyeshadow, you want to add a little bit of the dark gray eyeshadow to the crease. Do NOT go the full way across the crease. Only towards the corners and a little towards half way.

The neutral shade is always the main shade, because it can be added in anyway. When doing any kind of Persian inspired look, you want to use a versatile color that is considered a shade. You can use Silver or something on a Silver wavelength. MAC makes an amazing pigment that is in "Silver", however; the color "Platinum" would work best for this shade, as it's light, but still possesses an unique shade of color that is dramatic, yet subtle. You want to apply this all over the lid, a little past the crease.

As you are done completing the neutral shade, you want to focus on the lightest shade. The lightest shade works best for the highlight. In fact, the lightest shade is the highlight. The key is looking for an ivory gold shade rather than just gold or just ivory. Something that is light, but clashes with another shade. You can use a matte, but I don't recommend it with the Persian inspired make-up look. A great shade would be NYX's loose pearl eyeshadow in Pearl. This shade is subtle, but dramatic and possesses a raw color that provides an authentic appeal. You want to then, apply this towards the top from a little above the crease to the brow area. Also add some towards the t-drop area, as a highlight.

It is time to take a blending brush and blend the crease until all three colors are blended. You can always touch up the color, if needed. Once you have finished applying your shadows, you want to take a Kabuki brush and brush away any fallout you may have. This will prevent the marks from the shadow, falling onto your face and making a mess.

The ultimate key to getting the Persian inspired make-up look to come together is to keep your application of product simple. Using a lash primer is entirely up to you, however; mascara is a must. In this case, you will use black mascara. When choosing a mascara, you should choose a mascara that possesses a large brush, as this will coat the lashes. A great mascara would be Dior Show Mascara, however; there are so many on the market today that provide big brushes, followed by great product. Keep in mind, if you do choose a mascara with a large brush, to tilt your head back when applying the product. Some people use false eyelashes, I don't, however; if you do, in fact use them, you can apply them instead.

People assume that just because one is Persian, they like a certain type of lipgloss or lipstick, but that is not the case. In fact, as someone who is Persian, I can tell you that I enjoy an array of different types of glosses and sticks that go beyond the expected cosmetic quo. For the Persian inspired make-up look, I am going to use a natural nude colored matte lipstick, followed by a pink shimmer, yet frosty gloss.

A very great natural and subtle lipstick is Bloom lipstick in Sheer Pout, as it is very subtle and definitely possesses the actual lip look that makes a great base. After you have decided on a lipstick shade, you want to begin by lining the lips with a liner that is a shade darker. Once you have lined the lips, take a lip brush and blend the color into the lips. After you have blended the lip liner into the lips, you want to apply the naturally colored nude matte shade of lipstick. You can blot and then re-apply. The goal is to coat the lips, as you keep them moisturized.

Once you have applied the lipstick, it is time to apply the lipgloss. The lipgloss should be something that is a light pink on a shimmer, yet frosty wavelength. A great lipgloss that I recommend is Wet-n-Wild's Megaslick Lipgloss in Sinless. You want to apply that generously to the lips. You can blot the lipgloss, but if you do, it is important to re-apply if you are looking for a more intense color.

The great news is, you have accomplished the Persian inspired make-up look. Now it is time to embrace it, as well as, enjoy it. Enshallah! Falan khodahafez!

Drive Safety I Kindly Request You

Drive Safety I Kindly Request You

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Sulaf Fawakherji

Sulaf Fawakherji (Arabic: سلاف فواخرجي‎) (b. Latakia - July 27, 1977) is a prominent Syrian film and TV actress. She has played many roles on Syrian soap operas. Fawakherji studied art and sculpture at Adham Ismail Fine Arts Institute before starring on stage in plays including Al-Sawt (The Voice) and Hekayat al-Shetaa (Winter’s Tales).[1] She was one of the torchbearer during the Omani leg of the 2008 Summer Olympics torch relay.[2]

She appeared on Syrian television in May 2011 in defense of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government in its repression of the Syrian people. [3]




Nassim al-Roh (1998)

Halim (2006)

Hassiba (2008)

The BabyDoll Night (2008)

Cleopatra Tv.Film Series Syrian and Egiptyan (2010)

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Zeina (Arabic: زينة‎, born Wessam Reda Ismail El-Degwi, 4 February 1981) is an Egyptian actress.

1 Career

2 Personal life

2.1 Imprisonment

3 Filmography

3.1 Cinema

3.2 Television

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Zeina started her career as a model in video clips, using her real name Wesam. She was chosen by director Daoud Abdel Sayed to play the role of Hanna in the movie Ard El kof (Land of Fear), her first film. She also worked as a broadcaster in one of the channels of Arab Radio and Television where she presented technical programmes.

With the entry into the acting world she chose to name herself "Zeina". She was called "Sophia Loren of Arabs" by director Youssef Chahine after he saw her in the movie Montaha El Laza (Joys). She won the title of best actress in 2005 and 2006 in the public polls and she also won the award for outstanding performance for her role in the series "Hdrat El Motaham Aby (My Father the accused)."

Artist Ahmed Zaki called her "Penelope Cruz" for the similarities between herself and the Spanish actress. Zeina participated in a number of cinematographic works, such as El Haya fe Montaha el Laza (Joys of Life), Sayed El Atefy (Lord of the Emotional), Zaza, El Sahabh (Ghost), El gezyra (island), 90 Minutes, Puskas, Trapezoid, Captain Hima, One - Zero, Two Girls From Egypt, Adult and Seven Albermbp.

Zeina also starred in TV series beginning with Shaba ra2 gedan and Wael Nour in 1995. She also appeared in Afaryt El sayala (demons Alsialp), Lel Sarwa Hesabat o5ra (Wealth Other Accounts), Ali Wika, Hadret el Motaham Aby (My Father The Accused), and Layaly.[1]

She has also appeared in some radio soaps such as Sinbad Emad", and "Runaway to Travel".

In January 2008 a court ruling sentenced Zeina to two months imprisonment and a fine of a thousand pounds because a traffic officer and soldier claimed that Zeina has verbally assaulting and beating them while they was issuing a traffic violation. She obtained an acquittal from the Court of Appeals in April of the same year and the government to prove fraud and falsifying records by the officer.[2]

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Miss Arab World 2007

Honored to be Bahraini by soul for living in Bahrain for the last four years, I am very happy to know that Wafaa Ganahi, a 23-year-old teacher from the Law Faculty of Bahrain University, won the title, while the first runner-up was Miss Egypt Shaimaa Mansour and Miss Lebanon Rula Bahij, 23, was the second runner-up. Out of seventeen women from 15 countries attended the final competition.

On the other hand, what does this contest and these photos tells us other than the general perceptions about such events? Well, for me they mean a lot.

First, let me congratulate Miss Arab World, Miss Bahrain. She deserved it, and this leads me to my first note. As you can see from the attached photos, Miss Bahrain is a veiled lady, which leads to the conclusion that Miss Arab World - as well miss world - does not need to be unveiled to win a beauty contest. At least in beauty standards if you agree with me that veil does not hide beauty. I know that bikini show in such beauty contests is suppose to be a standard event, which probably every male in this universe are looking for :-) but Miss Arab World, and Miss Bahrain broke this rule - if I may consider it as a rule - and won for her beauty, real beauty. Not only that, but she also received official tribute which reflects how open Bahrain is.

Second, I'm not surprised to see some unveiled beauties from the last place one can expect, such as Saudi Arabia. The girl is gorgeous, but I bet that she is on the 'top wanted list' by Saudi religious men now, not for anything related to terrorism, no, but for her unveiled beauty and daring to show up. In my terms, Miss Saudi Arabia won Miss Arab World for her braveness to participate with all what we know about how she was perceived in her home country. Most probably she lives outside Saudi and her dreams to visit her homeland vanished forever.

Third, I'm really surprised and happy to see beauties from other conservative Arab countries such as Miss Yemen and Miss Sudan. They are setting new standards along with Miss Saudi Arabia and breaking all the stereotypes that we hear day and night by the Western media. Yes, behind the Hijab's, Niqab's and Burqa's we have very pretty ladies and we are not ashamed of showing them, in a modest way. A new generation will always fight the taboos for better life.

Last but not least, as a Palestinian, I'm proud to see Miss Palestine participating in this event despite all what Palestinians and the occupied lands are going through day and night by the Israeli terrorist occupation.

Alright, enough blah blah... back to business, here are some photos I gathered from different sources around the web. In no particular order, take a look at Miss Bahrain, Miss Libya, Miss Saudi Arabia, Miss Lebanon, Miss Tunisia, Miss Egypt, Miss Morocco, Miss Kuwait, Miss Iraq, Miss Jordan, Miss Syria and Miss Algeria.

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