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Darine Hadchiti (Arabic: دارين حدشيتى‎) (born 17 April 1981) is a Lebanese singer. She started her career in 2005. Within one year, she was able to attain a released her first single, "Eddam El Kel", the title song to her debut album, Eddam El Kel. She is now known as a rising young Arab singer in the Arab world due to her popular songs and vocals, charisma, and arguably provocative videos.

 Hadchiti was born in Hadchit, Lebanon and began singing when she was 13. She won the 2001-2002 studio El Fann bronze medal for her voice. She began her singing career upon signing with the Lea Production Team, managed by George Anastasiades, the owner of the Anastasia Group. Darine Hadchiti, after the launch of her second album Irtahlak Albi, now participates in numerous concerts and festivals all over the world.

Darine Hadchiti was nominated for the best female artist in the Arab world[citation needed], the best video and the best single. She won the best video award for Irtahlak Albi, a clip filmed in Australia with an acclaimed Australian director.[citation needed]

Eddam El Kel (2005).
Irtahlak Albi (2006).
Kel El Ossa (2008).
Singles/music videos
"Kbar Shway"
"Eddam El Kel"
"Baadak Bi Kel El Matareh"
"Am Tethalli"
"Irtahlak Alb"
"Ba3ed Kelmah"
"Rassi Alla Rassak"
"Kel El Ossa"
"Hobbak Ghali Alayya"
"It2ab 3alay"
"Nehna Bel Batroun"

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