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How to Be Cool Teens

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Looking for ways to boost your confidence and look cool around your peers, without looking like a trendy bubblehead? Here are several steps to becoming a down-to-earth kind of popular.

Learn how to relax. While you don't want to be lethargic every day, being cool is not about being hyper. Remember though, this doesn't mean you can't talk or chat. In fact, it's helpful to involve yourself in many conversations.
Be confident. Have your own interests and opinions, and don't be afraid to voice them.
Try to be happy. Being happy is beneficial for a number of reasons. Most applicable here, though, is that being happy lets other people know that you'd make a good friend. Beyond that, other people will envy your life.
Smile and be sociable. You'll never get anywhere as someone who always has their arms crossed and is frowning. Open up and smile at people! If you're in a room where you don't know an…

Beautiful Nature in the World


The miracle of creation has no end

The miracle of creation has no end